Xbox X developers include Blizzard, Bungie, Pearl Abyss, and Square Enix


With the console still on track to release sometime during the holiday season later this year, the Xbox Series X is preparing a huge alpha strike upon gamers’ appetites from day one. Yesterday, Microsoft released a first look at gameplay on the system. Part of the video included a glimpse at the horde of studios developing for the platform — and, yup, there were plenty of MMO and online game studios included.

Among those studios listed included Pearl Abyss (Black Desert), Blizzard (Overwatch), Perfect World (Neverwinter), PUBG Corp., Allods Team (Allods Online), Amazon Game Studio (New World), Bethesda (Fallout 76), Epic Games (Fortnite), SEGA (Phantasy Star Online 2), Square Enix (Final Fantasy XIV), Roblox, Ubisoft (The Division 2), and Wargaming (World of Tanks). It should be noted that the presence of these developers doesn’t necessarily mean that these games will be ported over, but… you’re a smart cookie. We’ll let you speculate.

Polygon also noted that Bungie not only confirmed that Destiny 2 was coming to the Xbox X but the PlayStation 5 as well. This makes sense, considering that the game is currently on both Microsoft and Sony’s current-gen consoles.


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Match Austin

So literally the same exact developers who pretty much failed to deliver any “must have games” for the X Box One. Any good games that any of them put out were almost all available on PS4 and PC as well, and in terms of the console war, Sony destroyed Microsoft with their exclusives. I don’t see it being any different next-gen, Sony’s out to shut Microsoft out of the console market. I’d expect any MMOs that make the jump will certainly be on PS5 as well. No game dev is going to hedge their bets exclusively on Microsoft’s system with the way this last gen went.

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Jack Pipsam

If it’s about the smart delivery situation then it could be that the current MMOs on the Xbox One could have an enhanced version made for the Series X, but I’m not sure if they’re counting that for not.

Mark Mealman

Final Fantasy XIV should be a welcomed addition to the Xbox platform.


Mechwarriors 5 Mercenaries will be on it too – but not a mmo. Curious if they will develop a new Mechwarriors Online or remaster the old one into UE4(since they have some of the work ready from MW5 Mercs) as they got a 5 year IP license