Ashes of Creation’s community propels hype through infographics and polls


With Alpha One testing starting this month, Ashes of Creation has a lot to show the world to help bolster confidence in this upcoming MMORPG. The April development video was a good step in that direction, but what’s especially helpful in generating hype is what the community itself is doing.

In this past month’s newsletter, Intrepid Studios asked players what non-progression activities they most enjoyed in MMOs, which might be telling for future Ashes of Creation features. The answers ranged from a strong emphasis on exploration, player-created content, decoration, minigames, and “pursuing the highest art of any multiplayer game: FASHION!”

Over on the forums, one artistic and enthusiastic fan whipped up a couple of infographics to lay out Ashes of Creation’s key features and playable races. It’s so well-done, you’d think that it was studio made. It’s very helpful if you’re new to the game and want a quick catch-up on what it’s claiming to offer.

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