Multiplayer shooter Crucible starts stirring the hype with several character reveals


Well, it seems like Amazon Game Studios is all done staying quiet about Crucible. Hot off the heels of a summary video that outlined the PvPvE shooter’s modes, there have now been a number of character reveals in video form as well as the game’s wiki.

Crucible sports a roster of 10 Essence Hunters, but so far only four have been elaborated upon — Earl, a big fella with an even bigger quad-cannon; Ajonah, your token sniper fish lady; Bugg, a robot that can lay down plant turrets and shield allies; and Captain Mendoza, a bog-standard soldier sort who can call down a medkit-equipped barricade and throw flash bangs at foes.

The wiki entries, meanwhile, provide a little more backstory on each of the revealed Hunters, while a set of infographics can give players an at-a-glance look at each character’s strengths, weaknesses, and Essence upgrades available for each of the first five levels. Many of these reveals were shared on the game’s subreddit and have been collated into one megathread for your perusal.

source: Reddit
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