Shroud of the Avatar ramps up XP gains for regular and meticulous gathering


The reward for gathering something in an MMORPG isn’t the sensation of a job well done, it’s usually getting XP to get to the next tier of materials, which opens up more crafting recipes, which in turn lets you craft more expensive stuff to sell and roll around in virtual currency. In an update to Shroud of the Avatar, players should be able to get to that point a little bit faster thanks to some recent adjustments to gathering XP earnings.

As of now, gatherers can enjoy higher XP earnings from tier 4, 5, and 6 nodes, with each one granting 1,000, 2,500, and 5,000 XP per node respectively. These adjustments should have a variety of benefits, including quickly raising player refining and production skills as well as making the crafting system just a little less daunting.

In addition, meticulous gathering results are also getting some XP boosting. For every meticulous success within a single gathering attempt, players will now be awarded an XP amount equivalent to that node’s tiered reward; for example, a tier 5 Iron Node which results in three meticulous gathering results will grant the player 7,500 XP.

The rest of the current newsletter has all the usual details about Vault items, community streaming, and the other usual particulars, but as for the game itself, gathering has apparently gotten a little bit smoother.

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