Squad-based WWII MMO shooter Enlisted held a weekend test set in the Battle of Berlin


A multiplayer shooter set in WWII admittedly tends to blend in with the mental furniture, but we want to cast a quick eye to Enlisted, the squad-based MMO shooter from publisher Gaijin Entertainment and developer Darkflow Studio. Readers will recall this game opened up to crowdfunding in December 2016, and since then it held a test this past weekend with a new map, new vehicles, and new gear.

The map is set in the Battle of Berlin, which attempts to recreate the assault on the Reich Chancellery and the Fuhrerbunker. The weekend alpha test featured not only a new map, but also several new weapons and vehicles. In addition to the past weekend alpha test, the devs of Enlisted have also been adjusting things in the game such as soldier AI, tone mapping algorithms, and semi-automatic weapons recoil. There’s also been work on a new mode known as Assault, where attackers must capture and hold territory points while defenders must fight back and hold their ground.

The press release we’ve received didn’t outline when the next alpha test will happen, but interested parties can keep eyes on the game’s website for more information. There’s also a little gallery below for the curious.

source: press release

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I tried playing it. I generally don’t like WW1/WW2 games due to the guns, aesthetics and technology at the time being too outdated and boring, but decided to give it a try nevertheless, because it was an FPS and I like FPS games, about 5 minutes later I uninstalled the game.

It feels like there is no direction whatsoever. There is a tutorial you must do before you are even allowed to play the game, the tutorial tells you nothing, it shows a window with about 3-4 paragraphs of instructions and before you even finish reading the first paragraph, the window automatically disappears and you can’t bring it back, only way would be to restart the tutorial and press Print Screen and paste it into Paint … xD

So I didn’t know what I was supposed to do in the tutorial, there was only one interactive marker on the map so I went there, I don’t know what happened, but I saw a fire and wanted to see what will happen if I stand in it. So I started losing health and I died and it told me that I’ve successfully completed the tutorial.

Then I went to play an actual game, again it doesn’t tell you anything, everything looks complicated and convoluted, you don’t know what you’re clicking, what you’re supposed to click.. nothing, it’s like the game is one giant puzzle/social experiement on how easily people lose interest with a piss poor quality level of a game.

Then I went into a match and I was spawned on some large map with points that I was supposed to capture. There were enemies everywhere and many times I died without even knowing who shot me or where they were. You just walk a bit, then instantly die and it seems like you have a squad of 4 members and when one member dies, you get to play another that has a different weapon kit.

After losing all my members I think it gave me a new squad or whatever, but I was so bored and irritated with this horrible excuse of a game, that I used Alt+F4 to close it and then immediately uninstalled it.

I do not recommend this game at all – it’s absolutely horrible. It’s like the developers were aiming to create the most complicated and boring game at the same time. I’m speaking from a perspective such as even if the game took place in modern day 21st century or even in the future – the game design is abysmal and I would still hate the game and not recommend it. If instead they created something like the very first and second Call of Duty games or Medal of Honor which I remember as a kid had very fun TDM/FFA-style multiplayer, it might’ve been a good game, but as it’s stands, it’s a complete piece of garbage and a waste of time and development resources. It will never be big or successful and they will probably shut it down soon after launch.


Can I play as the Fuhrer? Feel suicidy, might shoot myself later.
(just kidding, I’m ok)

Eh, yet another FPS game to forget 10 minutes later. Just give me BDO with guns.