Elder Scrolls Blades exits early access, adds new quests with latest update


It’s maybe easy to forget that Elder Scrolls Blades has been in early access, but it has. That’s about to end with the release of update 1.7, however, as announced in the latest town hall update post.

Update 1.7 will not only confirm the end of early access but will also bring features like six new quests that promise “surprises, challenges and (of course) awesome loot” as well as a new questline that will pit players against PvE Arena opponents, with each one bringing more challenge until players make their way to the Grand Champion. Ideally, this arena quest will end more satisfactorily than the one in Oblivion.

Once Update 1.7 goes live, players who have been playing during early access will be receiving a special in-game gift, and those taking part in the PvP Arena during early access will get Gems, Health Potions, and Chests based on their leaderboard placement, as well as a special helm for top-ranked players. As for the leaderboards themselves, those will naturally reset with the new update and a new guild leaderboard will arrive.

And here we go! It’s live:


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Will the update also bring a soul with it? Or will it be the same soulless, cash grab shell of a game?