Overwatch confirms the return of the competitive open queue in June and July


Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan is back once more with another developer update video that’s all about the competitive open queue, confirming that it will be making its way back to the shooter in the next couple of months. Specifically, the queue will return to arcade possibly in the middle of June, and will be an option alongside role queue in early July for competitive season 23 after a brief downtime beforehand.

Not only will open queue’s return mark a bright spot for some players, but will actually improve queuing in general: According to Kaplan, data shows that queue times for Overwatch are better when open queue exists.

The video also talks about the return of the Experimental card at some point later this week, with some “fun” balance changes specifically to Bastion, Ana, and Mercy among others. Kaplan also talks about Hero Pool changes and how the Overwatch League will have an effect on Hero Pools. The complete video, along with Kaplan’s fabulous salt-n-pepper beard, is below.

source: YouTube

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