The Division 2 delays Title Update 9.1 by a few days

Bad men.

Every experienced Division agent knows that timing is crucial to the success of any operation — and that sometimes that timing has to change to ensure optimal conditions. Actually, we don’t know what we’re saying there, except to soften the blow that The Division 2 isn’t going to be rolling out Title Update 9.1 today as previously planned.

“We previously mentioned that Title Update 9.1 was meant to be deployed during a maintenance tomorrow but we made the decision today to delay the update, as we feel further testing is needed to ensure we avoid the introduction of new issues and deliver a high quality patch,” Ubisoft announced yesterday. “We aim to get TU9.1 into your hands as soon as possible and our current goal is to deploy the update this week.”

When it arrives, TU9.1 will improve the framerate in Dark Zones, adjust enemy mob aggressiveness, fix some grenade issues, and refining various skills and balance issues. This patch will continue to refine the Warlords of New York expansion that came out in early March.


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Damn, was hoping for that patch his week. Nerfing enemies should open up more builds (and make me feel less bad for not being on-meta with the M1A Classic) and make some fights considerably less obnoxious (I love when my cover based games constantly forces me out of cover!).

Oh well, I’d always rather see a patch delayed for more TLC to ensure it doesn’t break everything.