The Elder Scrolls Online previews the writing behind the upcoming Greymoor story


The problem in writing vampires in The Elder Scrolls Online is not that you have to invent a reason for them to exist; no, according to a new piece on the official site about the upcoming Greymoor story, the problem is making them distinct. After all, this is almost certainly not the first time that the players have fought against vampires. It may not even be the first time fighting vampires today. So how do you make them feel different? You give them a motivation that involves potentially escaping the fate of being a vampire… and tie it into a conspiracy reaching far beyond Western Skyrim, where the story takes place.

Of course, the Greymoor story is also part of a larger year-long narrative that weaves in with other stories, which creates some additional challenges as it’s the second of four parts and needs to work as a stand-alone tale. You’ll be able to see for yourself how that works out with the release on May 26th, but for now you can just enjoy taking a peek at the dark heart or writing pumping beneath the skin.


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Justin Bania

ESO’s world is amazing but I just can’t get behind the game. Long gone are the days when I can get on with a ton of friends and run dungeons or raid or whatever. Solo content is all I can do now as I get to play in shorts bursts between real life. That is the game I need.

Also the combat is just awful. It is so heavy in its pace and yet somehow completely without and sense of weight. Also the character customization is pretty bland.


ESO’s gotta be one of the most solo-friendly Single Player Online Games out there. You can do pretty much everything on your own, even if you don’t know people, you can still run dungeons with a random party considering how easy everything is. Only Veteran difficulty feels like normal dungeons in normal MMOs like Vanilla WoW so you you can easily run dungeons in normal MMOs like Vanilla WoW, you can easily run Veteran dungeons in ESO. It’s easier than pie.

On that note, I don’t think you should be playing MMOs anymore if you are looking for a single player MMO. MMOs (at least the old ones) are about socializing and working together with other players, if your life doesn’t allow you to play them, you should suck it up and move to REAL single player games where you can progress at your own pace and don’t need other people.

Requiring MMOs to become Single Player Online Games, because you want to pretend to be playing them is not the way to go. You’re lying to yourself and the whole game suffers. ESO for example is already bad enough by being insanely dumbed-down, dumbing it down even more will allow a person’s socks to play the game while they are asleep or at work.

You should try some single player RPG games like Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, The Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Mass Effect or something.

Justin Bania

First: no one is asking for the whole game to become a single player game. Just as there are a plethora of players out there, most MMOs (including ESO) offer many ways to play the game. Some of those are solo experiences. Adventure-wise ESO is marvelous. Quests start in interesting ways and go to interesting places both in the world and narratively. That said, exploring the world surrounded by players but not really knowing or having the time to get to know them is my problem. Clearly I have given the impression that I was blaming the game for that. Hopefully that clarified that.

Second: my issue with the game falls squarely on mechanics. The combat, as stated previously, is pretty mediocre. The oddly floaty animations are painful. Add to that the weird classes that are mutually exclusive while every other power pool isn’t and the incredibly time consuming crafting and I just get turned off by the game. I’m not asking the game to change, I am stating why I personally can’t get engaged by it. It is called an opinion, I should be able to have them without getting “then don’t play MMOs”. That is like saying if you don’t like the way one car looks, never get in a car.


Your first issue still sounds like time-constrains. To elaborate on that, ESO already has very easy overworld content which you can easily solo, even world bosses and Dark Anchors. I remember when I bought the game in 2015, I died on the second wave of the Dark Anchor, back then the game really required you to ask others for help.

I remember back in 2015, I found a guild, I befriended some people, did runs, then when I thought this was my game, ZOS started pumping out DLCs and chapters and I got overwhelmed and quit until 2018. When I came back, my old guild has been pretty much disbanded, the content was so easy that I never really died or was in danger of dying and I didn’t need other people – everyone was just running around in their own zone – I don’t even remember for 9 months (I was playing like 5-6 hours a day for 9 months) two people walking next to each other doing some content together – everyone was alone.

SO yeah, in part you can blame ESO for becoming a Single Player Online RPG so even if you had all the time in the world, I think the game would still prevent you from interacting with most people… unless some of them are super friendly. And I was playing on the PC EU megaserver and EU players are more unfriendly than what I’ve seen in NA servers of other games.

And yeah the combat too is piss poor in the game, at first I didn’t notice it for a very long time, but after the game got repetitive for me (due to being too easy), I started noticing the boring combat too and then I quit playing it.

Now even if I had 12 hours per day to spare on ESO, I’d still play some other MMO over it. I can’t really get immersed and pumped up about playing an MMORPG when there is absolutely zero challenge in it. So for that reason the lore in the game seems pretty unimportant to me. I had more excitement playing TES3 Morrowind and getting involved with lore and NPCs.

Kvarin Sunermidst

As long as the stories are locked behind dungeons, I’ll never get behind them. Not taking anything away from people with loads of friends to dungeon with at their own pace actually being able to enjoy them but it’s not that easy for us all and my experience with any dungeon in any mmo is rush rush rush, open chest at the end. No exception here.

We need a soloable dungeon experience. Not for the rewards. But for the story. Keep all the monster sets etc in the group only vet versions. But at least give me the option to run them solo to get the story at my own pace.


I very much agree with you here. More and more single player games have a ‘Story Mode’ difficulty with significantly easier fights and slightly lower loots. I really would appreciate this in ESO and other MMOs as well. Absolutely no reason not to do this anymore.

I know SWTOR does this to some degree, but they have a tendency to over tune the solo dungeons so they are not ‘to easy’, totally missing the point of story mode. :(

Johnny Quantum


Yes, this game and every other game would be nice!

Steve Fury

Thats actually a really great idea.


Yes, absolutely. 100% with you on that.