Crowfall on Frostweaver limits, the next Dregs campaign, and what’s delaying beta

Crowfall on Frostweaver limits, the next Dregs campaign, and what’s delaying beta

The month of May brings yet another ACE Q&A video from Crowfall and another cornucopia of player questions, which runs a pretty wide gauntlet as one would expect. In this month’s episode, there’s some explanation about the Frostweaver’s skill limitations, a rough timeline for the next Dregs GvG campaign, and a laundry list of things keeping the game from a beta release among other things.

One of the questions asked was about the Frostweaver and why certain skills that laid down permanent ice fixtures were limited. According to J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair, ice abilities that put down permanent ice without restrictions were bad for both performance and balance, so Frostweavers can now put down usually a maximum of three permanent ice features. The stream also showed a chart of what Frostweaver ice skills can be transmuted from one to the other.

Later in the video, Coleman addressed a multi-layered question regarding the next Dregs campaign and when Crowfall will enter beta, since both answers go hand-in-hand. The next Dregs campaign is being held back while the devs sort out some bugs that have been happening over the last two weeks. The things barring beta is a much longer list: Not only are there Dregs bugs to sort, but there are also other issues in the current build to sort out as well as the first of three “chapters” of the new player experience.

The stream also talked about why buildings only have three levels, the chances of getting certain Souls to drop from gathering, and players swapping between alt characters during sieges, among other topics. The full video is embedded below.

source: YouTube

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