Skyforge strikes up the Days of Glory event for mechanoid battles through May 27

Skyforge strikes up the Days of Glory event for mechanoid battles through May 27

The Days of Glory event has started in Skyforge, and like so many other events for Skyforge, it starts with an invasion. Fortunately, this time it’s not an invasion going on right now; instead, it’s the reality that the world has been invaded by mechanoids so many times that you can actually battle through an entire battleground of phantom mechanoids. Smash the ghost robots and get Ether Trace Particles, which you can in turn exchange for rewards; you’ll find the ghosts in Squad, Group, and Invasion adventures.

Players can also take part in a special training ground pitting you against holographic copies of mechanoid enemies, with the area available in normal and deadly difficulty levels. There’s even a daily quest to fight off a deadly boss once per day, if you’re eager to really take your skills to the extreme. Check out the full rundown on the official site as you compete for the ultimate glory: Killing ghost robots.

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I’ve always wanted to like this game. The core concept is cool as hell. You just have to grind so much shit to unlock classes and just about everything else, and it feels like a chore long before you actually make it through enough of the story to unlock divine form.


They’ve released version 1.0+ and it’s still a clustertruck, many years later after initial release. Apparently they didn’t even had an intention to push it beyond alpha version.