Astellia’s Tulie update is coming on May 26


The next big content update for Astellia Online is just a couple of weeks away, although we don’t know much about it. The studio is calling it Tulie: The City of Forgotten Time, and… that’s pretty much all of the information that we know. That, and the fact that it’s coming on May 26th.

Studio 8 is running a pre-registration event over the next couple of weeks to get players on board with the patch. Players who do so can get some extra goodies (including an equipment skin box), although some people on the forums have expressed worry that this registration involves using a Google form. So be careful, yeah? In any case, whether or not you register, all characters who exist on the servers as of May 25th are due to get a star atra potion, a Norden’s Favor, and a scroll of exploration when the patch drops.

The game had to go down for emergency maintenance this morning, and as a result the team is giving players 10 dungeon tickets and five Atra Tonic Es as compensation.


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Still crossing my fingers but not holding my breath for the male versions of the rest of the classes that they promised back before launch.