Dungeons and Dragons Online winds down its second permadeath server


With piles of corpses heaped in its virtual graveyard, Dungeons and Dragons Online’s second “hardcore” server has ended its run. The limited-duration permadeath shard shut down all adventures yesterday, marking the conclusion of a continued experiment that seems to be embraced by the game’s demanding fans.

While the leaderboards are locked in place and no more favor can be earned, there is still some stuff left to do on the hardcore server. Former players can join the “after party” from now through May 31st. This wrap-up period is meant to get all of the server’s characters — dead and alive — ready for transfer to a live server.

“The after party will be available for players to get their characters inventories sorted, items moved out of their shared bank, and do the other actions necessary before we do a full character database wipe of the hardcore server,” said SSG. “Characters are transferred from the hardcore server to another server through the game launcher.”

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online, #2. Thanks DDOCentral!
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