The Division 2’s update 9.1 makes NPCs just worse all around

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Gosh, if the NPCs in The Division 2 were players… well, they wouldn’t be NPCs at that point by definition, but they’d also be pretty pissed. Title update 9.1 just guts them. Burn and Bleed effects caused by NPCs deal less damage. NPC weapons are dealing less damage in several cases, especially Hyena Assault SMGs. Grenade accuracy? Lower. Blindfire accuracy? Lower. NPCs are even being tuned to be less aggressive now, probably in a deep depression because these days they can’t even bombard players with pinpoint-accuracy grenade throws so what is even the point any more?

If you start feeling bad for the NPCs, of course… that’s silly, they’re code. But you can also take a look at the latest state of the game, which focuses more on the general player balance issues that update 9.1 was meant to fix as well as toward the new features planned for update 10. There’s also confirmation that crossplay for consoles and PC is not currently in the cards and talk about planning for the game’s second season, to boot.


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I agree with Eliot. This last update has totally nerfed and gutted the NPC’s of both Challenging and Heroic world settings. Myself and clan mate took out 2 lv3 manhunt control points with with hardly a fight.
Before this update we would at the end of the fight been like “ whew, that was a good fight” these 2 times we were “ well that was seriously weak”.
Last night we ran Heroic world tier for another manhunt control point. Tbh, it was a better fight then the previous nights level 3 control points, but it was still easier then the lv3 prior to the update. By easier I mean, the update did what it said it did. Not 1 grenade hit either of us, we were charged by no more then 2 npc’s during the entire battle. The NPC gunfire was all over the place. Yes, my armor flew off my body a couple of times, Yes, I was the asphalt inspected once, but I was running my DPS build with hardly 600k armor and half that in Health. I expect those things if I make a mistake. But prior to this last update I’d have been running ducking for cover with my butt cheeks So clenched I’d be secretly wondering if I’d ever be able to poop again. THAT’s the type of fights they promised with the New York update and delivered!
But…. it’s amazing how quickly the ppl that be forget what happened the last time they nerfed D2 due to listening to players who thought the game too hard.
Ghost town.
They came back with a brilliant idea of world tier settings, Great now ALL gamers of ALL lvs and abilities can find an tier to play in that match their abilities.
I guess that’s not good enough. They again listen to the more inexperienced player and are taking the game down the same path to ghost town.
Just to keep things straight and honest I and most of my mates run in world tire 3 challenge tier. I will not claim to be part of those elite Players who chomp Heroic like it’s a bag of Doritos lol we do and can hang in Heroic but again, I’d like at some point in my life to poop again lol.

Frankie Lee

Other than the now occasional grenade miss by the NPCs, I haven’t noticed a difference. And none of the NPCs ‘fixes’ addresses to real problem, bullet sponge. Having to constantly unload clip after clip to down a yellow bar in any mode after hard wears a player out.

Eric Dyess

Not to sound like a jerk, but have you played the game since the update? I find that not only have hardly any of the fixes they claimed were made were implemented, but now regular assault and other mobs are attacking my skill turrets and hives, hacking them with hatchet, shooting at them etc. It’s not just heavies any more! And fire seems to do just as much damage, if not burn me down faster now, especially with the air burst. All in all, have to say that this update is a giant fail. I’m taking much more damage, burning down much faster and now every mob is attacking skills when before it was just heavies.


Honestly I agree with your initial question and it seems to be a trend with anything that has a negative title.

Shadex De'Marr

I’m good with a little hit to NPC omniscience and Hawkeye levels of pinpoint 2 mile accuracy. I mean I’m hopping all over like a good little FPS player. No one should be able to hit me right?


Totally agree. I have too many experiences where the AI is worse then a whack-a-mole and accuracy just dont exist with my stoner when they do this.