Conan Exiles is free for everyone to play until May 18


So, other games are allowing people to explore their wastelands and seeking to entice others? By Crom’s teeth, this will not stand! Conan Exiles will not be left out from the glory of sandboxes wherein you may build a house of notable length and possible gaze upon another’s sky-clad shame! So, too, shall Conan Exiles join the chorus of games offering a free weekend, then! Now you may also march within the Exiled Lands!

This offer is provided via Steam, which means you must use the client assembled by Valve as you savagely click the button on the store page to install this game! Once you have done so and the gates of the game world are open to you, you shall be granted free and boundless access to the game, and should it please you it may also be acquired permanently for a price half of that which would normally be requested. Now go, if you have the courage, see your weekend driven before you and hear it lament your newfound obligation!

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