Elder Scrolls Online outlines upcoming adjustments to the Vampirism skill line


We already know that the Greymoor chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online will be making some fundamental adjustments to the Vampirism and Werewolf skill lines, but only recently have we gotten any real look at just what some of those changes will be. Specifically, a newly released video focuses on what will be different for in-game vampire players.

For one thing, feeding on NPCs will become more important, as using the Feed skill will grant players more power. Additionally, crunching on an NPC in view of other NPCs will be an unlawful act and draw reaction from nearby citizens and guards. Imagine that.

The skill line rework is promising more focus on “blood, elusiveness, aggression, and power,” such as the Blood Frenzy toggle skill which increases character damage at the expense of health, or the Blood Scion transformation. The game’s wiki has a quick rundown of the upcoming skills if one is curious, you can watch some of the neck nibbling action yourself in the video below, and check out Tamriel Infinum’s look at the skill line. Also, don’t buy vampirism cures.

source: YouTube

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Sounds like they’re making vampirism into an affliction, rather than a conveniently gamey way to score sweet buffs at little cost?
Or am I misunderstanding?


I play my main (Magicka Warden) as a vampire and was excited they were making changes to the vampire skills. After reading some of the changes, I’ll most likely be giving it up.

Reduction in Health Recovery
Increase in damage from Flame attacks
Increase cost for non-Vampire abilities (Game breaker for me)

Vampirism is feared and shunned by most people in Tamriel, so it makes sense to trigger Justice reactions when townsfolk notice a visitor with a Stage 4 affliction (Don’t like this)

Even worse, if your blood curse is at stage four, many NPCs (including merchants) will recognize you as somebody afflicted by vampirism and will refuse to deal with you (Don’t like this)

Constantly having to feed to keep your power up sounds annoying as well…

Frank White

I don’t know, there’s some interesting builds possible with the new vampire skill line, but unless I decide on a good one that allows me to stay at vampirism level one, I think I’m gonna give up my online life as an undead. Assuming you have to feed at least as often as you used to, to NOT level up vampirism, I just see it as a big hassle having to constantly feed and avoid guards and all that. Eh, maybe I’m just especially lazy. But on top of that, unless you want to go ALL vamp, the costs of using any non-vamp skills are crazy high….

Kickstarter Donor

Let me guess, they made it harder to be cured?


Oh good, should be helpful for the people who really want to be be vampires and in no way became a vampire for the overpowered passives.

Also, yay Gwendis !


I was really hoping that the old passive of taking increased fire damage was gone or at least rebalanced, but that’s not the case. Although these are all good changes, i just can’t pick the skill that gimps me as a tank so much.