Final Fantasy XI offers free login goodies for players with two campaigns

Pet action.

We’ve already talked about how Final Fantasy XI had had to delay some anniversary fun, but that’s not the same as removing all of the fun you can have. For example, the Adventurer Gratitude Campaign is now turned on, allowing you to get valuable items like the Echad Ring and the Kupofried alter ego to boost your leveling experience. If you already have these valuable items, of course, you can instead collect red mog pells, which are traded for other items.

Meanwhile, players are also given two free AMAN Treasure Trove vouchers upon logging in from May 16th until May 30th. Exchange them for orbs, and you can use them to take part in the aforementioned Treasure Trove, which offers you a chance at fantastic loot or at fighting a vicious mimic. One or the other. They’re little things, but they should help ameliorate the wait for the real anniversary content for a little longer.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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Tj Ceron

Oh nice the kupo trust is nifty

Jaymes Buckman

That image text wasn’t an LA Guns reference, was it?