The Darwin Project battle royale ends development, servers stay up for now


So who remembers Darwin Project? It was kind of a battle royale title, popping up in 2018 with a weird Running Man gameshow template whereby one player was the show director and the others were running around the Northern Canadian rockies trying not to die, while the director and the viewers were placing bets and messing with the participants. The game hit steam back in January of this year.

Anyhow, don’t get too excited because Darwin Project is shutting down, which probably won’t surprise anyone given that its launch numbers were so low. Scavengers Studio says it will no longer develop the game and that the servers are effectively slated for execution probably next year.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to stop developing new features for the game,” the studio says. “April’s update was the last one for the foreseeable future.”

“Five years ago, we started Darwin Project, our first project. It was a very bold and ambitious one to say the least, and we have been fortunate enough to have worked on it for so long, with the support of our partners and community. Over the past years, we saw a decreasing playerbase, and have been working hard on finding solutions –from a new platform development (PS4) to bringing new content (class system, battle passes, systemic maps, customizable craftwheel, new tiles, live events), spectator interactions extension, and continuous optimizations. We have assessed all potential solutions and scenarios, but unfortunately, Darwin Project is unable to sustain itself thus forcing us to come to this very difficult decision. We are still very proud to see what had started as a scribble on a piece of paper become a fully released game that has reached millions of players. We will keep Darwin Project servers up at least through to the end of the year, and you will still be able to play the game.”

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