Trove kicks off the Spring Fling event on all platforms, offers recruit-a-friend rewards


It’s time to celebrate the spring season in Trove with the Spring Fling, a little event running between now and May 26th that has players fulfilling a variety of objectives in a ten step quest chain for a number of rewards.

Many of the objectives in the quest chain are pretty menial (one of them simply asks you to /dance), but the rewards provided include things like Bound Brilliance, Chaos Chests, Empowered Gem Boxes and more, all leading up to a May Flower boat and sail. Players can also craft Spring Flingers, which effectively are grenades that leave a temporary little patch of flowers on the ground.

Speaking of spring-related goodies, there’s also a Spring Fling Pack which includes the May Flower as an unlockable and a variety of other items such as a Bouquet Buggy Magrider, a Growing Gater mount, some class costumes, and the Frolicking Fable and Sir Dapper Duckington pets.

You can get a look at the steps to completing the Spring Fling event as well as a look at the items in the Spring Fling Pack in the video below from YouTuber Scyushi.

Meanwhile, Gamigo is also promoting a new recruit-a-friend deal in the game.


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