Destiny 2 details Legendary infusion, adjustable Engrams, and a tweaked community quest


Bungie has kicked out a whole bunch of information for Destiny 2 this week. A great deal of it lies in the recent TWAB post, which offers a pretty comprehensive rundown of changes to Legendary item infusion and a new type of Engram that can have the goodies it offers adjusted before the Engram is even decoded into a fresh piece of loot.

Starting with Season 12, each Legendary weapon and armor piece will have a maximum Power level it can reach through infusion, granting items a year where they’ll be effective for activities. Items earned through the first eight seasons will be infusible up to the Season 11 power cap, while gear from Season 9 through 12 will have the new one year Power caps after their release. If all of this sounds complicated, there will be a visible element when focusing on a piece of gear that tells you an item’s current Power level and it’s maximum Power level, which will be visible starting with the upcoming Season 11.

Season 11 will also introduce a new type of Engram that can have its contents adjusted through the spending of seasonal currency, effectively letting players get what they want. Players will also be able to earn the ability to focus Engrams so they only contain seasonal armor with high-stat packages. Free players will have access to only three focus categories, while Season Pass owners will get access to a full suite of 15. The Engrams themselves will drop from a wide variety of activities and will drop for free players and Season Pass owners.

If you’re among the Destiny 2 players who felt that The Lie community quest and the related Seraph Tower activity were too difficult, then you’ll be happy to note that Bungie has made adjustments. Champions now have a lower power level, event progression has been tuned, and quest progression has been given a 5x multiplier on weekdays and a 10x on weekends.

Finally, if you’re tired of keeping up with all of the upcoming changes hiding in walls of texts within TWAB posts, the folks at the community have started to put together an unofficial roadmap with official information, providing release windows and details on what’s coming from season to season.


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Danny Smith

Another of “Lukes Letters” already heavily suggested it but i see we reached “once again they ran out of steam and resorted entirely to recycle grinds so its time for the ‘this will fix it’ rework period they do every 2 years”. The Bungie Cycle for Destiny is the shooter version of the Sonic Cycle at this point.

Buddy Barlow

10000% And i always come back to the “rework”..Shadowkeep and even Forsaken which were both honestly good expansions but then they churn out these garbage little DLC things that just kill the momentum.


So rather than design interesting weapons/gear and new mechanics that are compelling to use, they’re going to force people to transition to new equipment because they simply have to if they want to succeed. No matter how garbage the weapon is, you still have to use it because we said so.

People don’t use old legendary guns because they like the look — they use them because of how they function. Their rationale that it’ll be okay because you’ll be able to transmog is BS.


I’m over all torn on this one.

On the one hand I get what they’re trying to do. There’s really only so many variations of guns that you can make before you’ve done them all and nothing feels rewarding. There’s no way I’d use anything from the current season because the guns are just trash compared to the alternatives (bad bases, bad mods) making it not feel rewarding. Even if they were good (good bases, good mods) then they’d just compete with the good guns I already got making it not feel rewarding. They can’t really win in this setup.

On the other hand fuck that grind. Like the game is already borderline oppressive in the way it forces you to play a particular way. Use X guns to use Y mods to counter Z champions. Use X guns to do Y bounty objectives. Use X build to do Y bounty objective. Use X build to get Y mods from Seasonal artifact. Modifiers like Match Game (have to use right energy weapon type vs shield type) basically force you to seek multiple energy weapons that the seasonal mods support. Like even with Season of the Dawn where were generating tons of weapons as rewards it still was like hundreds of a gun before you saw the rolls you were going after.

Kickstarter Donor

That moment when Bungie unintentionally turns their game into an oldschool Korean MMO grindfest.