LOTRO community unravels mysterious cipher to reveal a new dungeon


For the past week, the Lord of the Rings Online community has been hard at work trying to decipher a secret code that the developers activated on May 13th. It took a few days to figure things out, but the truth is now revealed: LOTRO is getting a new dungeon.

“Congratulations on solving the mystery of the Secret Stones,” posted SSG. “Get ready to face the Shadowed King in a new scaling three-man instance, Ask├ód-mazal, the Chamber of Shadows, opening May 20th at 10:00 am!”

The studio also clarified who will be allowed to access the dungeon: “Anyone who wishes to do the instance on its own may do so with just the discovery deed completed, however, SOMEONE must release the Shadowed King on your server for the Shadowed Cave to open! The instance will scale from levels 50 to 130, have solo, duo, and three-man modes, and will have tiers.”

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