Amazon’s Crucible delivers a five-minute overview

I half-see.

Amazon Game Studios hopes you aren’t too busy next week — perhaps even staying home for the duration. And if you’re just hanging around, why not check out Crucible, its online shooter?

Crucible is launching on Wednesday, May 20th, and Amazon needs every ounce of hype behind it to build up that critical day one mass. It’s a bit of a tough sell to introduce yet another shooter into a field that includes Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, and Apex Legends, but the studio is eager to prove itself worthy of acclaim.

So to help with the hype-building — and just to sell the product itself — Amazon released a five-minute “extended overview” video to show off the game’s features, visual style, and personality. Check it out below and let us know in the comments if you plan to be Crucibling next week!

Source: YouTube

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Robert Mann

If anything could get me interested in playing a PvPvE shooter, or really any game where there’s no dividing line that leaves that PvP side behind for when I care to engage in it… this is not it.

I’m far more likely to join PvP in a PvP shooter/slasher than most MMOs or online games outside a few good strategy titles, as the balance tends to be at least a little less, um, falling down constantly (aka lacking). That said, one of the last things I want in any of them is to be minding my own business doing something other than PvP and have PvP come find me. It’s roughly on par with having a computer screen of death event in terms of disrupting my fun.

So nope, sorry Amazon, but without you shelling out far more than any benefit you might gain from my playing I won’t be there.

James Balmer

This trailer is a carbon copy of Epic’s The Cycle game trailer, from the voice over, to the animations, and even the gameplay showcasing (PvPvE shooter.)


Was this game fashioned from the corpse of Firefall?

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Scott Leyes

Is it just me, or did that voice actor sound a LOT like Pappy from all the Wildstar promotional videos?


I think it’s just you. I thought the Wildstar dude was way overjacked on caffeine.


Eh, yet another “download for two hours, delete after 10 minutes” game. Because that’s how fast PvP becomes boring.

James Balmer

Ikr, Overwatch only lasted about 10 minutes too, right?


I got bored halfway through. Probably doesn’t bode well.

Hikari Kenzaki

I like most of the character designs to start, though the ‘Fat Dude is the Tank’ is strong with this one.


It did look a bit like overwatch. The siren ocean character looked a lot like Widowmaker.

Still it kind of looked like fun but the trailer had cheesy narration and it just feels like it has too small a scope.

Why not a storyline or an ongoing campaign? And just three modes? Gonna get stale quick if thats all they start with.

Also, the Simpsons has ruined me.

Dug From The Earth

Take 50% overwatch gameplay, mix it with 30% apex, and 20% firefall, and you get this game.

Of the 3 game modes, the most unique is the first one shown in the video. 2 Teams, PVE objectives to capture the hearts, but in a game mode where 2 teams can attack each other.

The 2nd mode is just a odd type of battle royal, and the last mode is your typical point control/domination mode.

Not sure this game is bringing enough new things to the table to be something that will last. We will see.

Kickstarter Donor

Enh. I think I’ll pass right now.

Good for those who love this sort of game and gameplay, but I’m looking for different kinds of things to play, while this game seems to be chasing some of the Overwatch (?) or Fortnite (?) fortunes already made.

Again, great for those gamers who love this kind of game, but I don’t think I’m the audience for this right now.