Hearthstone kicks out some balance updates while Overwatch starts previewing anniversary skins


Blizzard’s not-WoW games Hearthstone and Overwatch are in the news together today, mostly because each update is sort of like two halves of a sandwich. So let’s slap these parts together and take a big honkin’ bite, shall we?

On Monday, May 18th, Hearthstone will release a fresh balance patch which adjusts some of the costs, attack and health values, and some of the gameplay functions of a variety of Standard cards. The update also fixes a bug that caused Ethereal Conjurer to lock the game state when played. The link above has all of the salient details.

Meanwhile, Overwatch’s Twitter account is once again ablaze with previews for the 2020 anniversary event starting on Tuesday, May 19th. So far, we’ve got a look at Ashe and B.O.B. cosplaying as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf respectively, while Reaper has decided to dress up like a villainous masquerade attendee. Just in case those were looks you were hoping for.

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