Vendetta Online explains what’s delaying content updates in recent bug fix patch notes


What’s new with internet spaceship MMO Vendetta Online? Besides the fact that it’s still here like a friendly ghost since 2004, I mean? According to the latest patch notes and by the devs’ own admission, not much, but that’s because other work is being done.

The recent update has mostly been about smaller bug fixes, which the post admits “doesn’t necessarily scream ‘gameplay drop,'” but that’s primarily because the devs are working on the new Latos N-2 test economy and ensuring that convoy deliveries work, which requires a lot more data crunching than one might expect:

“The actual individual ship carrying the actual item has to reach the destination. For a single given ship, that’s fine, but across thousands of ships flying across the galaxy per day, there are plenty of problems that can arise.

“That’s where the analytics come in, to help us monitor and measure that situation. Of course, monitoring roughly 135 stations delivering about 250 unique goods to another 135 stations, with various convoy states and success / failure conditions, can quickly blow up into tens of millions of data points to track. That’s a whole other type of challenge. But, that’s also why we spent a bunch of time building a new analytics cluster to handle this, last fall.”

Ideally, the next week’s update will have something more akin to content, but for now players can at least appreciate that important work is being done. And as a reminder, Vendetta Online is 100% free-to-play until June.

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