Ashes of Creation shows off pre-alpha footage starring a curious mage and some strange ruins


Wandering around the realm of Ashes of Creation, you’re likely going to run in to some interesting sights. Take, for example, the video adventures from Steven Sharif as Magey McMagerface and his exploration of some old ruins.

The pre-alpha footage once more shows off the game in motion, though it’s a little sillier than previous gameplay previews. Mostly because it showcases those moments that we’ve all had where you go off of the beaten path, stick your nose into some place interesting, and have little personal moments. Also, you get to see a mage rain comets down on some fools, which is always a good time.

source: YouTube

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Alexus Yanova

This already looks more impressive than many other “indie” projects.

Jeremy Barnes

It will be an interesting time when this chronicles of elyrias



Anthony Clark

Looks great so far!

Matthew Yetter

For pre-alpha, it is absolutely gorgeous.


Woah… That combat actually looks like it might suck less than the one in ESO. But one thing that concerns me is the difficulty. From this video it looks easier than the one in ESO.

Unless I’m missing something, he has ~1000 and the mobs have ~900 HP each and he fights 3 of them at once where the fourth is some kind of a boss with ~10k HP… that’s just too easy considering the character and the mobs are the same level.

I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt that I don’t know if that’s a normal character or a GM-type of character with buffed stats, considering how many abilities are available on the action bar.

I just hope the final product offers a reasonable difficulty where if those 4 mobs attack you and they are around your level, they kill and you have to pull them at lest 2 at a time.

That would be a massive turn off for me if the game is stupid easy and dumbed down like ESO were nothing can kill you. If that’s the new trend for MMOs I better stop paying attention to new ones.

Jo Watt

I imagine, like the dragon boss from another preview they released, things have been scaled down quite a bit for now to test various things. They mention it sometimes.

Plus since this is a real Pre-alpha and soon Alpha one phase (not an eastern mmo just needs translation alpha). Many difficulty changes will probably take place and continue up until release.

Either way I’ve been back and forth watching this project grow and I’m starting to be happy with how things a going. Combat improving, animations improving, environment improving… all I am waiting to see is the optimization and server stability.


I mostly care about difficulty and fluidity of combat. Then I care about how their world looks and how varied zones are, so it’s not like Black Desert and Archeage where they copy-pasted one forest into 10 different zones and covered a whole continent with one zone only with different names.

And finally I care about lore and how intriguing it is, so far I don’t know much about it. But judging but that Battle Royale game that they released under the guise of testing combat and improving it, I don’t know if it’s really that intriguing or just generic fantasy lore stitched together around the rest.


It’s always cool when sitting in the Discord and Steven just leaks these randomly.

Takes us back to how Intrepid was a few years ago with more open development.

Alpha 1 starting this year, which will finally bring us to the MMORPG testing again. Last time we did that was back in Dec 2017 – May 2018 with the Alpha 0 testing.