Bless Unleashed offers apologies and goodies for Estate bugs and erroneous account bans


The devs of Bless Unleashed have written up a mea culpa regarding exploitation of the game’s Estate system and the team’s apparently overzealous wave of bans it issued as a result of the matter.

Over the past weekend, an alert was written explaining that Estates were being taken down as a result of a bug that players were exploiting. The alert also noted that 350 player accounts would be temporarily suspended for at least a week while the issue was investigated. On Sunday, the devs wrote up an apology that confirmed that only 50 of the banned accounts were actively participating in this exploit.

“We understand that this situation is absolutely inexcusable. We have reinforced our process and will strive to never have it occur again. In relation to the exploit itself, we still anticipate a full fix coming next week and want to apologize for letting it linger for so long. We will continue to listen to our community in order to evolve and improve our service.”

Those who were caught in the initial ban wave are getting written apologies as well as a package of 10 Sealed Chest Keys and 200,000 Star Seed. Estates are still down at the time of this writing, though everyone who is being affected by the matter will be receiving a package with sealed chest keys, PvE combat XP boosts, Star Seed, and Artifact Cores for every day that Estates are down.

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