Camelot Unchained looks back at the progress of its previous 90-day plan and outlines goals for the next 90 days


It appears that City State Entertainment really is keen on that 90-day plan thing. Mark Jacobs has recently penned a dev blog that takes a look back at Camelot Unchained’s previous 90-day plan and how it went, as well as looks forward to its next 90-day plan.

By Jacobs’ reckoning, and with help from a long list that went through each of the plan’s items one by one, the first 90-day plan was an overall success, especially for a team that’s working from home. “It was one of our most effective periods as a studio and we hope to continue with the same trajectory in the next 90 day plan,” writes Jacobs. “I hope that you enjoy seeing these kinds of updates from us, because more are coming.” The laundry list includes work on visual upgrades, new engine tech, the new battleground scenarior, scripted Overmind events, character art, abilities, warbands, the character creation UI, the Devout toons, crafting tweaks, stability and scaling, client performance, and physics.

As for those next 90 days, the full shape of the plan hasn’t been formed yet, but there are a number of matters that promise to be the focus such as improving performance, working on crafter classes, continuing work on scout classes, new races, a new siege scenario, and servers that can run persistently for a full weekend without a great deal of dev oversight. There are also plans to balance classes and eradicate bugs.

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