Closers adds Busan Chapter 2, TERA console’s May festival invites you to slaughter sheep


We’ll go ahead and call this the “En Masse MMO news block:” Both Closers and TERA have a little something going on for the month of May that players might be interested in learning.

Closers has had a recent content update which includes the second chapter of Busan, which will raise the level cap to 88. To help players hit the new high water mark, there will be a 20% increase in item drops and XP every Monday through Friday in May, as well as a special leveling event where one character in player accounts level 10 and higher will receive an Untouchable Challenge Box that grants special gear for leveling. There’s also a bunch of costumes and other miniature events with the update as well.

As for TERA on console, the month of May will effectively be a bunch of different events that lead in to the Summer Festival and the Awakening update. The primary event will task players with slaughtering sheep that spawn around the world for things like Fashion Tickets, Lamb Bulgogi, and Strongbox Keys among other items. In addition, there’s a login campaign and increased rewards from Vanguard Requests and special final boss drops for select dungeons every weekend in May. The list of active dungeons changes every time, so make sure to check the link for the specifics.


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