EverQuest begins server merges, EverQuest II tweaks challenge raids in latest updates


It’s update time for both EverQuest and EverQuest II! Both games are undergoing maintenance this morning in order to apply updates and merge servers in the case of EverQuest.

Readers will recall that the EQ server merges were announced earlier this month, bringing Lockjaw together with Ragefire, Trakanon and Fippy together with Vox, and Brekt with FV. The 24-hour downtime will also be used to apply a patch update as well; the notes for that update are not available at the time of this story’s writing, but they’ll be posted at some point soon on the appropriate forum.

As for EQII, the notes for that game’s current update are available, outlining changes to a number of the game’s challenge raids among other things. Most of these changes are general adjustments, such as the ability to transfer the “You’re it!” curse using a /point emote in Fordel Midst: Remembrance, an adjustment to the maximum health of golems in the Lord Commander Seru encounter in Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches, and the removal of healing from player death in several Blood of Luclin challenge raids. The EverQuest II servers should be back online by early afternoon.


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Adam Russell

In general you can check patch notes from test server a week ago to see what is coming to live this patch. It is almost always verbatim.

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Shockingly, it’s been 21 days since Mangler last crashed (though the lag in prime time has been atrocious). Let’s see if DPG can break that streak with tomorrow’s patch.