Here are the candidates for EVE Online’s 15th Council of Stellar Management


It’s important to know whom you’re voting for and where they stand on issues, particularly in the case of EVE Online and its next Council of Stellar Management. After a review of the applicants who put their names in for consideration, CCP Games has shared the full list of 40 candidates who are up for the vote.

This officially kicks off the campaigning period for the CSM hopefuls, with the announcement post providing a quick blurb from each candidate as well as links to each candidate’s mandatory campaign forum post. CCP is urging players to interact with each thread, because official forums are the place for measured discourse.

Campaigning runs between now and May 29th, with voting set to start on June 1st. In the meanwhile, you can get more familiar with your candidates. Or perhaps you can just watch any dumpster fires that flare up in the threads.

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