Ship of Heroes is enthusiastic about Unreal Engine 5 – but practical implementation is a long way off


Last week, Epic dropped a bunch of news and a headline-grabbing video showcasing Unreal 5. While a lot of the ensuing discussion centered on bleeding-edge titles and Epic’s own Fortnite, even indie MMORPGs will benefit from the massive upgrade to the engine – among them, Ship of Heroes.

In fact, Heroic Games released a whole dev blog on the upcoming superhero MMO’s forums explaining how UE5 will improve SOH’s lot, focusing on the “amazing” global illumination, “extreme hi-poly” art resources, and potential for “movie-quality” visuals rendering.”

That said, Heroic does aim to temper expectations for MMOs in general.

“Unreal 5 will launch at the end of 2021, unless there are delays. It is usual for many tech products to need a few iterations before they are working as the devs really wanted them to, so perhaps 5.1 or 5.3 will be the sturdiest framework for any new game. On top of that, MMOs generally take 4+ years to develop, so don’t expect any MMO natively built in Unreal 5 to launch before 2026 at the earliest.”

If you missed the video last week, you can rewatch down below now.

Source: Official forums, press release


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I doubt this project will ever reach any sort of fruition. Already talking about changing engines? Does not build confidence that any real finish line will ever be reached.

Just my 2c.

Roger Christie

Moving from Unreal 4 to Unreal 5 is now really changing engines.


Don’t worry, it’ll take only a couple billions man-hours to build a game with the environment detail level like the one in the demo.


You sure about that? You think it took millions of man hours to make that demo? I bet not.