Albion Online’s newest patch balances for Season 9 while improving mobile play


There are two sides to the most recent Albion Online patch, and they’re both about improving the game’s environment. One side is fairly simple, because it’s a whole bunch of improvements to the game’s mobile client. Joystick controls are improved, scaling has been optimized, and you can ignore low-tier resources while gathering if you need to. Useful if you’re playing on the go, all of that.

The other side is all about the current state of game balance in Season 9 and the game’s overall meta, and that is more complex as it aims to both improve balance in Crystal League matches as well as bringing underused weapons into a position of greater balance. Heavy melee lines like Hammers and Maces have been updated, Spears have been reworked, and Arcane, Holy, and Fire Staff spells have also been reworked complete with a new Q-ability for Arcane. The net result will hopefully shake up the established meta and provide a more fun play environment for all.


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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Mobile versions seem to be the hottest, bedazzling and worthwhile way forward for MMO’s since a lot of people own mobiles / tablets (more mobiles than PC’s?), Albion Online is no exception. It’s future proofing. WoW Classic the App game next?