Amazon Games’ team shooter Crucible is supposed to go live this afternoon

Oh no.

We’ve teased Amazon Games Studio plenty for canceling games and postponing them and changing them into something else, but today, it’s finally doing something it’s never done before: releasing a game. Originally billed as an “MMO shooter,” Crucible is basically a team shooter with preset toons and multiple modes: a 4v4 PvE race mode, a 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 battle royale, and an 8v8 standard arena matchup.

“Crucible is a team-based action shooter driven by the choices you make. Each match in Crucible is a fight for survival and control. Not only will you be going toe-to-toe with your fellow competitors, but you’ll have to adapt and overcome all the challenges the planet itself throws your way. You and your teammates will need to work together to take down alien creatures, capture objectives, and pursue your opponents in search of victory.”

Crucible’s release is at 3 p.m. EDT today – right when this post goes live – and you should be able to pick it up right through Steam.

Source: Twitter, Reddit, Steam
Well, it was meant to be live. Apparently, Amazon is having issues.


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Rodrigo Dias Costa

Didn’t they actually launched something else before? That The Grand Tour Game wasn’t made by them?

Fenrir Wolf

I might give this a go. I dunno. I’m disappointed that they’ve shied away from having a truly bestial character, those make me feel… well, comfortable. They’re a comfort zone for me. The more “dangerous” something looks, the happier I feel. They feel… safe, I guess? I’m not sure this is something a neurotypical could necessarily relate to, I don’t expect that though so it’s okay.

I like their race variety but I wish they’d had something much more bestial. This is why Paladins got me whereas so few other arena shooters did. God I loved Paladins. Now I want to play more Paladins.

Have you noticed how many legitimately weird non-human heroes Paladins has? It feels welcoming. It’s got the comical giant bomb robot kign, the big nautical turtle fellah, the draconian with anger-management issues, the military bloke who can be a werewolf, the giant ent, the weird snake-plant healer, the grumpy cyber-minotaur, the suave mystical tiger bloke, the tiny furries and goblins… it really did feel very welcoming to me.

I mean, there’s Remix Pepper as well. It’s not my style, personally, but it felt awesome to see that in there because it’s inclusive of certain kinds of people I know who’d feel welcomed by such a character.

Battleborn was pretty great too, I loved Benedict and his stupid, cheesy jokes. I was good at playing him as well until they decided that reload-cancelling was something that need to be “balanced” (removed). Battleborn always gave me feelings though because ISIC was right, darn it! I mean, if reality is a fake reality prison where all of the simulated life is forced to suffer? I want to break free as well! I absolutely also want to punch the people responsible in whatever analogue they have for balls! Fighting ISIC felt so weird and wrong.

The whole thing felt weird though because one of the names they had ISIC guess was actually mine. And the first time I played they used that. That tripped me out.

So, yeah. I might give this a go… ooor I might just play more Paladins.


looks like it wont be long till its ded.

Dug From The Earth

Completely unimpressed.

And in some cases, a bit annoyed.

Thats after about 3 hours of playing. Big studios keep letting the industry down. Seems to be a symptom of:

1. Isolating themselves from their customers and other games out there. (cant learn from past mistakes or past success, or take in mind what their customers want)

2. This continual focus on maximum profits with minimal effort. The least amount of work needed that will result in the highest amount of people spending money. Releasing too early, focusing on polishing the store items before the game itself is polished.

The only thing this game currently has going for it is that its Free 2 Play. And the “bit annoyed” part i mentioned above, was mostly feeling like my time was wasted, despite it not costing me money.

Bruno Brito

Can you make a small review of why you didn’t like it?

Dug From The Earth

Here is what I posted on steam:

Did the tutorial with the 3 characters, and the game gave a fatal error that had to be Alt-F4’d out of.

Im a graphic snob, and this game does everything it can to rub me the wrong way:

– Very limited graphics options. Everything is either “High” or “Low”. TAA antialiasing without any sharpening = blurry AF. No options for Bloom, Depth of Field, SSAO, Motion Blur, etc.
– No FOV settings
– Game auto adjusts FoV every time you move foward, and then auto adjusts it when you stop moving. Very annoying.
– Level of Detail “Pop-in” is pretty bad. Some objects look completely different when up close, and the change is sudden.
– Flicker decal textures (the “Unity” word on the boxes in the tutorial, for example)
– Some effect are just low budge and super annoying – such as Cap Mendoza’s sprint effect.
– Large enemy animations that are more than 5 feet away are dropped to like 20 FPS for some reason. Looks super janky.

The game feels a lot lower budget than it really probably was coming from an Amazon team.

So the only game mode that I was able to get into an actual game for was the Battle Royal one, and even then, it was a super pain doing so. 90-120 second queue times for a big AAA game on launch day. Wut??

Then to the loading screen. “Loading 15/16 players” only to have the first two attempts say “Failed , match disconnecting” or something like that. IE: the last player who wasnt loading basically caused the other 15 people to get booted back to the title screen. (Not cool if that is how it works… someone could just Alt-F4 after the get a joined in a queue, which will cause the other 15 players to sit at a loading screen, and then get booted to the start again)

The one round I played, 50% of the players were the Shark Melee guy (cant spell his name). Balance between various characters seems horrible. Some characters dont even seem like they should be in a BR mode.

And whats the deal with some characters that have skills that wont activate if you are using your primary attack. You have to stop clicking and THEN use your ability. How is that even a thing in a fast paced game like this?

Hikari Kenzaki

So, first impression of Crucible. It’s slow. Really slow. You basically walk and can sometimes run. You stop to pick stuff up, stop to heal, stop to do objectives, stop, stop, stop. And I can’t get out of the Tutorial. It says there is a known issue and playing a second time will fix it. I played it 3 times. Did not fix it.

Kickstarter Donor

Are you clicking where it says Tutorial above “Ready” and changing the mode? That’s what I had to do.


I admit, I got “stuck” there myself. It’s not the most intuitive interface.

Alexus Yanova

Also, this game does not have text chat or voice chat. Basically if you are not playing with friends – you can only use emotes in game to communicate with others. This is worse than Fallout 76.


Tried watching some streams but honestly super boring. The TTK is on the wrong side of high but any lower and it’d just be a huge gankfest once people are engaged on something with no ability to react. Also everyone seems to like that hopping poison rat and the screen bounce was beyond obnoxious.

Alexus Yanova

I have watched this on Twitch, luckily not many streamers are streaming it. The game looks more boring than Valorant, SMITE, Apex, Fortnite or Overwatch. There is nothing unique in terms of gameplay, the heroes look boring, the animations do not look smooth, the combat also looks boring. Don’t really care if this is fun to play for anyone but it is definitely not fun to watch for me.


I would agree about Crucible, SMITE, Apex Legends, Fortnite and Overwatch being boring, aside from maybe Smite and Overwatch having some sort of goal in its gameplay and the game modes being more accessible, the other games are mindless Battle Royale with no goal – you just spawn on massive randomly generated map and look for someone to kill like scavenging buildings for resources…

But Valorant is not boring at all.

It just requires skill so of course if you suck at the game and get killed all the time without being able to do anything it’s gonna feel boring. You either get into it or you don’t, but saying it’s boring is subjective, not a fact.

Kickstarter Donor
Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

Erm, saying it’s not boring is subjective too. You telling the world how great Valorant is doesn’t make that a fact.


If the servers were barren, the game was unplayable due to low playerbase and the predominant opinion everywhere was that the game is not good and boring, I would agree with you. But you should follow the game’s subreddit for like 2 days just to see how many posts get cycled through, you should play for 2 days too, to see how it instantly finds you a match and you never meet the same people twice and that’s just the CBT where you need a Twitch Drop in order to get in.

When the game launches on June 2nd, the servers will probably explode, like how it happened when GTA 5 became F2P for a week on EGS and everyone was trying to play Online and for 3 days straight the servers were unaccessible.

Valorant is the biggest F2P release of 2020, probably even going to overshadow a lot of B2P games and most importantly, it will give CS:GO and Valve a run for their money.

I don’t like everything about Valorant either and there is still more I desire/expect from it, but denying its massive success is just delusional.


If you don’t care playing another murderhobo with genocidal tendencies towards mother nature, at least it’s not as boring as Valorant! ;P


NA only. Probably a week or two to debug the servers and make it available elsewhere.


It seems the game is either in early beta stage or servers cannot handle the load to the point where intended functionality doesn’t work (like mines not exploding). Isn’t ready for release in any case.