Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates 40 years of Empire Strikes Back with new PvE and PvP content


It’s patch week over in the Star Wars Galaxies rogue server known as SWG Legends, and if you’re a PvP player or endgame PvE player, you’re gonna love what this post-NGE server is up to. On the PvE side, the Blackscale Avatar Station now has a hardmode version, with more difficult group challenges, a new boss, better combat AI, and “many new items as loot, including heroic level augmentations and enhancements.” For PvP players, however, the devs have added new GCW PvP Flashpoints.

“Every hour one of these locations will be enabled for 45 minutes and will give GCW points and new Flashpoint Tokens for every PvP kill. Near the locations Rebel and Imperial camps will spawn as bases of operations. You can instantly travel to these camps with the new /gcwFlashpointStatus command. You are not automatically flagged for PvP when you enter one of this zones, you will have to do this manually to show your willingness to participate in the killing. The delay for declaring is only 3 seconds, so be prepared to fight when you declare within the Flashpoint! With the new Flashpoint Token we also have new vendors set up in Aurilia (Dathomir) with new rewards.”

The game is currently celebrating the 40th (!) birthday of The Empire Strikes Back; players newly logging in will receive a commemorative hologram, while you can spend tokens to pick up the classic ESB poster to display in-game. (Which is still not as good as the original/international version, which includes Lando, Boba Fett, Cloud City, and a more fiery color scheme! But I still prefer the 1982 re-release one that I bought with babysitting money in the late ’90s. I… might be too obsessed with this movie. Ahem.)

Source: SWGL
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