The Elder Scrolls Online previews its 12-player Kyne’s Aegis trial

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Greymoor will be offering up plenty of things for players to do as we’ve been covering over the past several months, but one of those things is built for 12 players. Specifically, the Kyne’s Aegis trial, which sounds like a rollicking good time for anyone who likes to smash vampires.

“Once a prosperous fishing and mining village, Kyne’s Aegis is besieged. Swarming from massive longboats and led by a powerful vampire lord, an army of Sea Giants, Half-Giants, and vampires have broken through the island’s meager barricades and now threaten to wipe out its few remaining defenders.”

This new trial is said to take feedback from Elsweyr’s Sunspire trial, specifically feedback from players who wanted a more linear form of progression and impactful non-boss fights. Players should expect another three boss fights including two Sea Giants, along with the army of vampire thralls, their masters, and half-Giants, as well as lightning strikes from the summoned tempestuous weather.

Of course, there’s lots of loot to earn in Kyne’s Aegis as well, such as the usual achievements, titles, and trophies, as well as the Giant Opportunist set, which provides a buff to the party with a fully charged heavy attack as a benefit for having the complete set. Naturally, the Veteran difficulty of the Trial will offer up better rewards such as Perfected versions of items.


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