EVE Online’s Invasion Chapter 3 promises ‘deep and lasting effects’ for the game

The Triglavian invasion of EVE Online is about to come to a head and is set to make shockwaves across all of New Eden. That, at least, is the assumption made by the arrival of Invasion Chapter 3, which looks to wrap up things with a whole lot more spaceship fighting.

“There will be open conflict between EDENCOM forces and the Triglavians across high and low security space, with players inevitably being drawn into engagements with roaming fleets, as well as each other, depending on the side for whom they choose to fight. As a result, players will attain standings for EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective – will they remain allied to their chosen empires, or will they risk siding with an unknown and dangerous enemy?”

In addition to a lot more open conflict, players can also expect to see new structures and buildings, including Triglavian infrastructure buildings. On the subject of buildings, EVE players can also look forward to the Forsaken Fortress update on May 26th, which introduces the Abandoned state for structures and makes other adjustments to structure gameplay mechanics.

Finally, the latest episode of The Scope has some news bulletins from the front lines of the Triglavian invasion, which can be watched below.

source: press release
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