Legends of Aria’s Point Release 10 is bringing frosty environments, new items, and new systems


Things are going to get chilly for Legends of Aria players. Point Release 10 is opening up the Frozen Tundra region, and with it comes a couple of dev blogs showcasing the new areas, features, items, and creatures in this frigid landscape. Oh yes, there will be yetis.

As one would expect, the Frozen Tundra has no shortage of icy locations to discover, from ice caverns to snowy wilds to ancient ruins like an old coliseum. The new biome is also bringing some changes to the monsters in the area as well as new ones like the aforementioned yetis, along with a new class of weapon, with one weapon for every set.

Point Release 10 isn’t only about the new environment. There are other updates coming as well like a tome system that lets players collect pieces of lore, and a trait system for crafting professions that grants bonuses to characters for completing professions; a Mage getting a large bonus to consumed potions for completing the Alchemist profession is one of the given examples.

Legends of Aria has one more dev blog for Point Release 10 incoming, which will further expound on landmarks in the Tundra and announce target dates for PTS testing. As for the update itself, players can expect it to arrive some time in June. For now, there’s plenty of reading material.

source: official site (1, 2)
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