Black Desert spin-off Shadow Arena has just hopped into Steam early access

If Crucible isn’t cutting it for you, Shadow Arena would definitely like to have a go at your time right about now. The Pearl Abyss “hero action battle royale,” which began life as a Black Desert mode before being plucked back out and set up as a standalone title, is officially entering early access on Steam as of today.

“Early Access includes 10 heroes, a new skill level, and a quest system. Early Access will also feature six game modes: Solo, Team, Dueling Grounds, Custom, Normal, and AI matches. While the AI and Normal modes return from the open beta testing, players will have four new modes to explore during Early Access. The new Ultimate skill level enables players to level up above level 3 and have more lethal skill. During Early Access, there will be 10 heroes available to play, including Jordine Ducas, Orwen, and Badal the Golden. New hero Venslar introduces a new combat style that can be very aggressive or very defensive. Players can enjoy the tactical gameplay by choosing to focus their skill sets on either style of gameplay. […] Early Access will also include Beta Seasons, where players’ results in ranked matches will be recorded so they can compete to achieve higher tiers and ranks. Top players will earn prizes such as special hero skins when the Beta Season ends. Pearl Abyss plans to support the competitive aspect of Shadow Arena through events and tournaments. More information about these events will be announced in the future.”

Full release is still expected later in 2020. We’ve previously covered the changes made during the beta, as well as covered it with impressions pieces from both our PvP columnist and our BDO columnist.

Source: Press release, Steam
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