Sea of Thieves announces a Steam launch date of June 3, discusses the design of the Emissary system


For those who prefer their games on Steam (and only Steam), we’ve got a bit of good news for you: Sea of Thieves has finally tied down its arrival to the platform, announcing a launch date of Wednesday, June 3rd, in both a video and a post on Xbox Wire.

The accompanying FAQ does outline a few other important caveats like the need to have an Xbox Live account and be running Windows 10 in order to play the game, as well as confirmation that those who already own the game on Windows 10 or Xbox One will need to buy a Steam version. That said, it also confirms full cross-play features as well as cross-progression when players’ Steam accounts link with their Xbox Live accounts. The game will set players back $39.99 when it launches.

In other Sea of Thieves news, the devs have offered up a blog post all about the Emissary system that arrived with the Ships of Fortune update. It gives players a look into the minds of the devs and what they were hoping to achieve with the Emissary system, even going so far as framing it like a loose PvP opt-in system in regards to the player hunting Reaper’s Bones Trade Company.

“Even though we knew any update introducing The Reaper’s Bones would be seen as ‘the PvP update’, from the very first pitch deck we also championed the PvE benefits by helping players with different play styles to avoid confrontations with more combative crews – focusing PvP among those who choose to run as Reapers or Emissaries. That’s why the Reapers see little benefit from targeting non-Emissary players, and why Emissaries of The Reaper’s Bones show up on everyone’s map so that you can steer well clear if you have other adventures in mind.”


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The last update has pretty much killed the game for me and many of my friends. The devs have spent the last 18 months building up the PVE content, then with this last patch they’ve basically thrown all those players to the wolves. The game has now become predator and prey, with the less frequent, and often enjoyable, fights being replaced with far less balanced encounters.


Game’s still only $30 at best imo. I guess it sounds like maybe the Tall Tale (story/lore-heavy mission) content gives a good chunk of time but unless you’re playing with a group of friends and don’t care if other players ruin your ability to make any progress in a session, the shallow repetitiveness is still there with the gameplay loops and so on. There’s just extra distractions now.

Also it’s so hard to read that blog post when it’s fluffed up like crazy. That’s the one thing that really bothers me is that they still speak with fluffy hype talk that has maybe 20% substance at best. Their goal was to give folks a PvP-opt-in system with Emissaries? Wut. That’s not how it works at all, and the Emissary system was made a joke because folks were already hitting max Emissary rank within the first day of it launching.

I swear it’s like the dev team just treats the game as some social experiment and players are just the guinea pigs as they try to slowly reinvent the PvP sandbox wheel.