Destiny 2 outlines Season 11 changes to perks, weapon archetypes, and the world loot pool


This week’s TWAB is once again loaded with information about more changes due for Season 11 of Destiny 2. This time around, we’re getting deep dives into the world loot pool, tweaks to weapon perks, and some changes to weapon archetypes.

The world loot pool will promise to be “curated both for relevance and overall size” in order to hit a balance between number of rewards earned and improving the chance of getting a desired drop. Bungie is also looking to refresh the world pool with meta-relevant weapons every season. As for this season, the post has a list of what goodies are being added to the world loot table for Season 11.

As for weapon perks, the post once more goes into a very specific dive into changes coming, especially with regards to perks that affect reloading a weapon. The devs see most players leaning towards weapons with perks for more damage or reduced downtime (imagine that), so they’re seeking to improve reload perks for various weapons. There are also plans for adjusting other unused perks and a hint of some new perks.

Finally, some underperforming weapon archetypes are being tuned as well: Expect improvements to slug shotguns in PvE, high impact pulse rifles in Crucible, and Bow damage in PvE encounters.


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Really hate the reload changes more than anything. They say they gotta sunset to make powerful guns but then here they are nerfing the powerful guns we have making me wonder why they need to sunset if they’re going to nerf everything?

Right now each season there’s “chosen” weapons for that season. Like this season it’s hand cannons, side arms, SMGs, Assault Rifles and Swords. So for this season there’s glove mods to increase the reload speeds on most of these guns that even if you don’t have a reload mod they feel “ok.” With a reload mod they feel really good.

Now you can use off weapons (scout rifles, pulse rifles, etc) and so long as they have a reload mod then they still feel alright. Without them you’re left in these ancient reload animations often times on primary guns that do tiny amounts of damage. It makes the game play feel sluggish and slow and not fun.

And that’s what I hate about these changes. Right now I would choose a reload trait over a damage trait because it makes the game play feel better. However now not only are they going to feel worse, I’m going to be pigeon holed into playing the seasonal weapons even more just to not hate my life while playing.

I’m just really tired of this game telling me what and how to play.

Dug From The Earth

There is a point when a game ceases to be entertainment, and instead becomes a job.

It seems that when Destiny 2 reaches the point of frustration over the things you mention (over the differences of reload speeds), it has moved too far from being entertainment.

Gamers are their own worst enemy. Developers say, “here are some guns, here are some baddies… shoot them, have fun” and its the players that impose such strict rules and guidelines on what the meta is… how the game must be played.

Its no different in any other mmo though. The “forced” best spec, best in slot, best rotation, best class combination, etc that players insist they and other players use in order to be successful. As if not following these “rules” results in complete and utter failure.

Its both hilarious…. and sad, because its an unnecessary restriction that gamers only have themselves to blame, that often time completely removes any entertainment value from the game.


and its the players that impose such strict rules and guidelines on what the meta is… how the game must be played.

This isn’t wholly accurate.

For example the seasonal mods I mention also include modifiers for “Anti Barrier”, “Disruption” and “Stagger” which are used to to counter Barrier, Overload and Unstoppable champions they’ve put into combat. If you don’t have these they infinitely heal while dealing tremendous damage. So when encountering them you are quite literally forced into using these far beyond what a player driven meta would dictate.

This is also quite true of the game’s basic game loop right now which heavily consists of bounties. Bounties are repeatable daily content where you are supposed to get X kills doing Y. Kill 20 things with a Shotgun. Kill 20 things with an ‘Solar’ gun. Kill 15 things in a Strike with Bows. So again quite literally being forced to play a particular way to accomplish game design objectives well beyond that of any kind of player driven meta.

Dug From The Earth

I agree with your comments in the first paragraph, about enemies requiring a specific mod else you cant harm them

But the one about specific weapons types…

While it is limiting, its not imposing anything outside of the base gameplay. The base gameplay has shotguns, pistols, and sniper rifles. If a bounty requires you to use one of them, its simply narrowing down an element of the existing gameplay for a specific event.

What I mean by player setting restrictions is this… given the same “shotgun only bounty”… players might say
– Only XYZ shotgun is worth using for doing the bounties

If bounties were a group thing, groups might not allow you to come along for the bounty unless you had XYZ shotgun, even though the bounty is set up for “ANY shotgun”


I understood what you were saying but again that isn’t really relative to the issues (I at least have) with Destiny 2. I don’t have an issue with a player driven meta of which shot gun is the best for bounty farming. No one cares about that at all and certainly no one is going to tell you that you’re using a bad archetype outside of some extreme end content (some raids, some nightfalls, trials, etc).

What people might (and it’s an extreme might) question is why you’re using a weapon that is bad for a particular activity but most already know it’s because you likely have some arbitrary bounty or mission objective to use said weapon thereby dragging the whole team backwards. When I worked on Hush I basically felt like an anchor around my team’s neck as I used a bow to farm it’s objectives. No one once complained, we all knew it was shitty, and it makes them retiring weapons like that even shittier in retrospect.