Albion Online offers a mount skin for an off-season Crystal League tournament

Meow mix.

There’s a gap between Season 9 and Season 10 of PvP struggles in Albion Online… or at least, the struggle for territory. There will still be PvP action with the new off-season tournament in the game’s Crystal League, starting at some point after August 10th to fill in the cap between the seasons with a new chance to keep your skills sharp. And you will want your skills sharp, as that’ll give you a shot at the rare Sabertooth Rex mount skin.

Other prizes include lots of gold and the white tiger skin, serving as more incentive to take on these Level 9 matches set to 30 minutes and with full loot. The exact structure will depend on the number of entrants into the tourney, but the overall goal is still to give people good reason to keep in fighting trim ahead of the launch of Season 10. And if you’re not willing to keep yourself ready to win a big kitty to ride on, what are you ready for?


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