Dungeons & Dragons Online looks ahead to its next hardcore season, Barbarian class, and new Warlock trees


In the latest episode of DDOCast, the Dungeons and Dragons Online team showed up to talk about a whole host of content, features, and changes coming to the complex MMORPG later this year.

The discussion started with word of a third season of the permadeath Hardcore League server, of which Standing Stone Games hinted at a “celestial” theme. The late-2020 Feywild expansion got some talk, especially over some of the beasts you’ll be fighting (unicorns, anyone?) and the new Shifter race and Barbarian iconic class.

In other news, Warlocks are due to get “pact” trees added to their enhancement panel, DDO is going to add a robust random loot system, and three old raids (Lord of Blades, The Master Artificer, and A Vision of Destruction) are due to get legendary versions this summer. The team also promised that work continues to reduce lag on the servers.

The pertinent discussion starts a little after the one hour, six-minute mark:

Source: YouTube. Thanks DDOCentral!

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The new Shifter Barbarian Iconic class, which fights with a fist weapon, should be a lot of fun! Looking forward to the Feywild expansion late this year.