Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol will not release until June

All right, sure thing, dude.

It’s not really going to surprise anyone at this point that Warframe does not have a major patch coming out this week; after all, the week only lasts so long and nothing had been announced before now. That means that the Deadlock Protocol update has been pushed back to June, which should come as little surprise to those dedicated to watching the game’s development streams, as June had frequently been touted as the game’s planned buffer month for update delays.

This doesn’t mean anything less will be included within the update, which includes lots of new content for players to explore, so the extra time will be used… well, making the content better, full stop. It just needs a little more time in the oven, and all things considered it’s hard to begrudge a delay. You will, then, have to find something else new to look forward to this week.


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Let’s face it: being delayed to June is not that hefty if you already are at the 26th of May.


I’m quietly hopeful the update being pushed back a bit will mean we’re more likely to have it include some of the side projects (like Hard Mode and the Pet Stasis changes) they said on Friday’s devstream they weren’t sure would be done in time for the release.

And speaking personally, gives me more time to play DDO this week before its “all content is free to play” event runs out at the end of the month :)


I just hope that they end up meaning “first week in June.” And that it doesn’t get delayed until “well, the last day of the month is still *technically* released in June.” :(

I’m still looking forward to trying Protea though. And I’m curious to see how the Broken Warframe turns out, but I guess that one won’t be for a while. I just hope they rein in some of the memelords trying to turn it into a joke with the suggested powers. :(