Black Desert has a horsey event and a schedule for the digital Heidel Ball, mobile has an Enraged Red Nose


It’s horsey time in Black Desert! Technically, any time can be horsey time, but the latest update has a very horse-specific event as well as a new system that lets players rent their horses to other players for a fee. During the event, players can get special courser training items from killing monsters, gathering, and fishing, as well as turn in horses for a special currency that can be used to purchase various mount-relevant rewards. The event will also grant a boost to mount XP and breeding and exchange chances.

In further horse-focused news, players can now rent up to tier 8 horses from other players for seven days at a cost of 100,000 Silver. The horse’s owner can forcibly end the rental period when the horse is checked in to a stable or the renter logs off, and gear equipped on a rented horse can be utilized but not removed. The latest update has also added a separate ship material barter system to the existing bartering system to make it easier for players to prepare for a Great Expedition, as well as a variety of class changes.

Players now have a schedule for the Heidel Ball at Home, the digital version of the event that Black Desert hosts to make a variety of announcements regarding the MMORPG’s future. The festivities kick off on Saturday, May 30th, at 4:00 a.m. EDT, and will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch. There will also be a combat and skill XP buff that players can get on the day of the Ball.

As for Black Desert Mobile news, a new world boss has arrived in the form of Enraged Red Nose, which promises to be stronger version of the original Red Nose boss that players took on during their opening quests. Victory over this new foe will yield rewards such as an Abyssal-tier Red Nose Armor. Speaking of Abyssal-grade gear, the latest update also lets players craft Abyssal-grade equipment using World Boss Fragments, and a new Abyssal Lightstone item has been added to give players more options to upgrade their skills. More information can be found on the mobile version’s website.

Last but not least, Black Desert has cut together a highlight reel of its community stream from May 15th, which you can find below.

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