Crucible updates players on launch issues and future content


Crucible’s launch week has been a bit of a rocky one by the devs’ own reckoning, but according to word in the game’s first developer update video, the team is ready to move forward. The video opens with acknowledgement of Crucible’s launch week woes, including problems with connectivity, client and server stability, and matchmaking. In fact, Amazon was putting out daily updates in order to address these issues. While these matters will continue to be worked on, the video explains that updates to Crucible will be larger and will take more than a day to finalize.

As far as the focus for future updates, players can look forward to a rework of all of the tutorial videos, loading screen tips, a toggleable scoreboard, a surrender feature that lets a team give up on an unwinnable match, continued work on performance,improved match flow, work on the UX for Heart of the Hives mode, improvements to combat feel, and the addition of voice and text chat, with voice chat arriving as soon as it possibly can and text chat arriving after.

So far, Crucible has had a respectable start but a gradual slowing of player engagement, with the shooter drawing in over 4,000 players in its latest 24-hour peak and an all-time peak of 10,600 players. Currently, the game’s Steam reviews sit on “Mixed,” with some users lauding it’s gameplay and potential while others call it a mix between a MOBA and shooter that doesn’t succeed at being either.


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As someone with a gaming-heavy Amazon purchase history, I was surprised—but not really surprised—to not see anything about this game on the Amazon homepage on launch day (or since).

I think they got a sense of the lack of pre-launch hype and knew the game was doomed.

New World has slightly better prospects, if only because there’s a large population of MMO nomads who will buy new games, level up, declare that there’s no endgame, and move on. Maybe enough of those initial players stick around to give the game a chance, but I kinda doubt it. Amazon gives me major Google vibes when it comes to unceremoniously killing off projects, existing users be damned.

Dug From The Earth

Game about shooting stuff, where the guns arent very fun or interesting.

Killing people is way too slow

Moving from A to B takes freaking forever

Trying to level up is super boring.

Respawning takes way too long, added to another 10 second pod drop, and then a long trip back to where every you died.

No text or voice chat to communicate with your team…

… only about 10% of the characters actually synergize with their team, leaving the other 90% to just be about focusing on their own survival and killing enemies…

… which results in very little teamwork, strategy, or cooperation.

The game should have tried to perfect ONE game mode, rather than trying to focus on 3 entirely different ones. Much like Anthem, in order for them to really salvage this one, its going to take a HUGE redesign of its core elements, not just some on the top polishing.

Bruno Brito

So…this is not Gigantic-like? :c

Kickstarter Donor

There’s no way that all-time peak of 10k is accurate, right? I remember seeing 30k on Steam’s stats on day one.

But either way, I’m hoping this game can find its feet. It’s the first one of these Battle Royale/competitive multiplayer games I’m actually enjoying, and of course its future is uncertain. Fingers staying crossed though, enjoying it while I still can.


This game is already super dead. Down to 33% from it’s peak and the Twitch viewership is basically non-existent. We’ve also seen that games like this basically don’t recover.

The interesting thing will be to see given Amazon’s reputation as a ruthless company who gets rid of dead weight how long they’ll keep this one going at all.

On equally related note Shadow Arena, Pearl Abyss’ BR launch, is also somehow managing to do even worse than Crucible at 1/3rd it’s numbers and actually non-existent twitch viewership. Entirely predicted, it was just a terrible idea to split this one off BDO.

In a time when digital/online games are busier than ever before it’s pretty bad in both scenarios.

Hikari Kenzaki

Honestly, I think they were looking to

a) get eyes off New World for a bit
b) get this initial ‘meh’ out of the way.

Valorant launches in 6 days. At which point it’s going to kill the numbers of similar games for quite a bit.

It’s possible they’re actually counting on the eventual fall off from people playing Valorant.

But who am I kidding? Nothing Amazon Games has done to this point has been smart or good.


All their decisions I’ve seen smack of Amazon telling them when they have to have a product out and not when they’re actually ready to release said product. That would be very much in line with Amazon with a notoriously efficacy focused company.

If Covid hadn’t happened we’d be talking about New World’s failures right about now. Hopefully the 3 months buys them enough time and hopefully CyberPunk doesn’t just devour their PvE market.


If that’s the best they could do during the first week of launch, then this game is in serious trouble, I think.

Based on just the numbers, it looks like folks logged in, tried it, decided “Crap”, and left.

Maybe they will return is some months time to look again. But there is a possibility that the basic game design is fundamentally flawed (as many site reviews suggest).

Time will tell.