Elite Dangerous plans Fleet Carriers launch for June 9, with bug fixes and mining balances along the way


Elite Dangerous’ Fleet Carriers may have been delayed from last year, but the update is on track now: Frontier formalized a June 9th launch for the new update as of today, thanking players for participating in the PC and console betas over this past spring.

The studio does include a list of what it’s fixing between the last test and launch.

“⦿ The buttons used to increase or decrease both the bank and the commodity market will now scale, like other systems in-game, when depositing credits or adjusting commodity prices.
⦿ Tritium mining will receive adjustments before launch to make it more lucrative (particularly in relation to sub-surface mining).
⦿ A credit exploit involving selling modules in a Fleet Carrier’s outfitting service has been fixed.
⦿ A bug that swapped the names of certain locations and markets in the game has also been fixed (with key examples such as Ceres Tarn receiving its original name once more!).
⦿ A bug preventing the transfer of commodities such as Thargoid Sensors, Guardian Urns and others on Fleet Carriers has been resolved.”

As for what’s after Fleet Carriers? Well, it’s not the Next Era stuff; that’s been delayed into 2021.


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