Last Oasis is now selling $13 private servers so players can run their own worlds


Roaming around a sun-scorched post-apocalyptic world can be stressful, not just from getting over-tanned, but because other wanderers may be out to reduce your chances of survival. For Last Oasis players who would prefer to play alone or with a select group of friends (or even just to run their own personal fiefdom), this woodpunk RPG now offers private servers.

And by “offer,” we mean they “will gladly sell you a monthly subscription to one.” There are several different packages on sale here, ranging from the 10-player shard for $13 a month to the 64-player, $64-per-month server. According to Nitrado, which is handling these transactions, the private servers require a full Steam copy of the game and are limited to one server per account.

Last Oasis launched in late March but had to shut down for a full week to fix some egregious connection issues. The game-defining feature of a moving inhabitable region just went into effect last week.

Source: Last Oasis
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