RuneScape’s Ninjas make several fixes to boss instances and interfaces


Go ninja, go ninja, go! More directly, the Ninja Team of Jagex, which has applied a variety of fixes in RuneScape’s most recent patch. Several of these fixes focus on boss instance quality-of-life, including entry options at certain boss lairs to make getting into a boss fight easier, the ability to right-click or long-press to join or rejoin a lost instance, and a fix for an issue that saw players enter the Nex: Angel of Death instance after the fight ended and get stuck there.

The update has also made a variety of changes to interfaces like alphabetical quest sorting, a bug fix for the Grand Exchange interface, and search bars for Animations, Titles, Appearances and Pets tabs of the Customisations interface. Fourteen previously discontinued titles have also been hidden from view, though players who earned said titles beforehand will still see them in the Titles interface.

In other RuneScape news from the game’s weekly post, waves four and five of the iOS version’s beta have gone out, the Jagex Ninja Team has expanded, and players will get to vote for their favorite quests in an inaugural RuneScape World Cup. Incidentally, the very first vote is available on Twitter for those who want to play along.

source: official site (1, 2)

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