Final Fantasy XI kicks off its Beat the Heat campaign on June 11

Sometimes the game hates you trying to understand it.

All heat must be beaten inĀ Final Fantasy XI starting on June 11th. No, that’s not when the game is adding some sort of Ambuscade fight with fire elementals (but thatĀ would make sense); that’s when the game starts its Beat the Heat campaign. What will that entail? Bigger rewards, it seems. It’s not altogether clear how increased seal and crest drops or additional rewards from seal battlefields involve beating the heat, but we can assume that there’s a connection there.

The campaign also boasts greater rewards from Delve, increased Unity Accolades, and an automatic reward of all Granules of Time when you enter Dynamis. Add on some improved Chocobo digging skill improvements and automatic Surge Walks in Walk of Echoes and you’ve got plenty of reasons to log into the game and stay out of the sunlight, which may ultimately involve beating the heat. Or you’ll just be happy for the opportunity to do stuff.


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