Colony sandbox MMO SEED takes a look at various biomes for settlers to explore


Right now, SEED offers players a fairly comfortable space to start in. It’s lightly forested grasslands providing plenty of resources and space to do important things like growing crops without getting set on fire by the atmosphere. But the latest work-in-progress diary is showing off the various biomes that you could land in… and spoiler warning, as those get added some of them are far less hospitable for colonizing. Sure, the desert one looks unpleasant, but one of them appears to be covered in lava. Not an ideal spot to live.

For those of you who have forgotten about SEED, it’s a space colonizing sandbox in which players get to found their own colonies and ultimately work together with other players to survive… or go to war with other players and take all their stuff. The current plans are for SEED Pioneers, a small-scale alpha version, to go into testing this year.

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